Dive Cruise

We offer a full-day dive cruise on our 60ft diving cruiser Blue Swan, covering a wide area of Ishigaki and the surrounding Yaeyama islands, such as Taketomi, Iriomote, Kuroshima, etc.

From novices to experienced divers, our services are available to anyone who loves the ocean.

With our 60ft diving cruiser Blue Swan, enjoy a full-day diving cruise that covers a wide area of Ishigaki and the surrounding Yaeyama islands.

If you are a certified diver, enjoy our Fun Diving program, exploring the breathtaking underwater world of Ishigaki and the Yaeyama islands.

If you are an ocean lover but have never experienced scuba diving before, try our Discover Scuba Diving. Our experienced instructors will guide you safely underwater.

If you are a certified diver but forgot how to dive or are not confident about your skill, we have the Refresh Diving Program. Our instructors will review the basic skills with you, and guide you safely under the water.

Fun Diving

The Fun Diving program is designed for those who are already certified in scuba diving. Enjoy a full-day dive cruise on our luxury diving cruiser Blue Swan.

Dive points each day are decided by our boat captain based on the sea condition and our guests’ skill level. Requests are accommodated as much as possible.

Lunch will be served on the boat after the morning dives. We will anchor the boat in a quiet area for the lunch break. If you have any food allergies or restrictions, please let us know in advance.

If you will be staying around the city area, transportation will be included in our service. If you will be driving, there will be free parking available at the port.

After returning to the port, we will take you to our shop to log your dives and check out. If you do not need to log your dives, you can check out on the boat.


8:00 ~ 8:30 Hotel pickup and transfer to the port.
9:00 Departed from the port
9:30 Arrival at the first dive site. Start the first dive after the briefing.
10:30 End of the first dive, move to the next dive site.
11:00 Arrival at the second dive site. Start the second dive after the briefing.
12:00 End of the second dive, move to a quiet location.
Lunch break
13:30 Moved to the third dive site.
14:00 Arrival at the third dive site. Start the third dive after the briefing.
15:00 End of the third dive, back to the point.
15:30 Arrive at the port.

(The above is a general schedule and departure and return times are subject to change.)


▼ 3 dives ¥24,000
▼ 2 dives ¥18,500
(Rental equipment not included. Includes full-day cruise, air tanks, weights, lunch, and insurance. Transportation included if staying in the city)
▼ Full rental equipment + ¥6,000/day