Plan 1 - Enjoy diving with your own gear

If you are a certified diver and have you own gears, it is better to dive with gears that you are used to.
If you do not want to carry around your dive gears, you can send yoru gears to us before the dives,
and we can wash/dry/pack and send them back to you after your dives (domestic locations only).

Sample Price 1: Fun Dives for one person, 3dives/day for two days

– Fun Dives (3dives/day) for two days : ¥48000 (¥24000 x 2)

– Total: ¥48000


Sample Prices 2: Fun Dives for one person, 3dives /day for four days

– Fun Dives (3dives/day) for four days : ¥96000 (¥24000 x 4)

– Discount for one dive (per 10 dives) : – ¥5500

– Total : ¥90500

Layout of Blue Swan Layout of Blue Swan

Plan 1 – Bring your own gear and enjoy our dive cruise

If you are a certified diver and have your own gear, bring them with you and enjoy our luxury dive cruise!

Plan 2 – Rent our quality gear and travel light

If you want to travel light, dive with our quality rental gear and enjoy a stress-free vacation!

Plan 3 – Join our dive cruise with your non-certified partner

If you want to join our dive cruise with your family or friends but only you are certified, that’s ok! We can accommodate you according to your group’s skill level.

Plan 4 – Become a diver, and enjoy diving

Enjoy fun diving after your PADI course, and our rental gear will be free!